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Third Party Administrator for the Logistics Industry

About SCI

SCI is the leading third party administrator servicing the transportation industry. Our model and methods of success are second to none, and combined with the years we've been providing Logistics and Delivery clients and independent owner operators with a service level that is unprecedented in the industry.

We specalize in the following:

  • Settlement Processing
  • Owner Operator Onboarding and Document Management
  • Legal and Risk Management
  • Compliance Tracking and Assistance
  • Logistics Management Technology
  • Owner Operator Programs
  • Fleet Data Visualization
  • Mobile Applications
  • Access to Sponsored Insurance Coverages
    • Including Occupational Accident Coverage
    • Cargo Insurance
    • On-Dispatch Auto Coverage
    • Workers Compensation
  • Above all else, a personalized Customer Service experience that we believe is why we’re the best in the industry.


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SCI is the leading Third Party Administrator for the Logistics Industry. We provide our Clients with unmatched customer service and technology.

SCI facilitates Occupational Accident Insurance, Worker's Comp and Cargo Insurance through A+ rated companies. Our partnerships with leading providers allow us to offer our clients access to background checks, vehicle rentals, discount programs and much more.



SCI has partnered with DocuSign, the leading e-signing provider to ensure a comprehensive signing experience that is trusted, verified, and accepted everywhere. Owner Operator enrollment is a simple one step process. Information is captured, stored, and embedded within all documents to make the process very efficient.

In-Service Liability Coverage

Gallagher Transportation Services has partnered with SCI to provide a unique Commercial Auto Insurance coverage for Owner Operators that are currently offering delivery services using their personal vehicle.

Document Retrieval and Storage

Our proprietary software allows you to capture and store any documents that are indexed and cataloged based on your needs and workflow. Documents can be uploaded and captured via direct upload, SMS text message, email or even our SCI Driver smartphone application. Our customer service teams continually update and verify the data on our secure servers.


SCI is the only transportation third-party administrator to have a dedicated team that works in conjunction logistics brokers, powered with the SCI Software Suite to actively collect and catalog all major compliance documents and requirements. We alert and contact (by phone even!) all Owner Operators when their documents need to be updated. Our associates can accept documents from multiple sources in varying formats. It has never been easier to stay in compliance.

1099 Reporting

SCI processes annual tax documents quickly for Logistics Brokers and Owner Operators so filing with the IRS and various state agencies is effortless.

SCIDriver Portal

Owner Operators that use SCIDriver portal have a powerful tool for their business. The portal provides access to settlement records, various business and tax forms, and access to beneficial programs that are exclusive offering for to being associated with SCI.

Occupational Accident Coverage

Owner Operators have access to a specially designed SCI sponsored Occupational Accident Insurance program that includes a $1 million policy underwritten by Protective Insurance Company, an A+ rated policy. This primary coverage provides both Occupational and Non-Occupational benefits at a cost that is among the lowest in the industry with unparalleled customer service.

Settlement Processing

SCI believes in payment choice! Owner Operators have the choice of receiving payments the way they want them: Direct Deposit, an SCI Paycard, or paper checks.

SCI Mobile

Our mobile app for Android and iOS platforms is the newest way for Owner Operators to interact with customer service. Upload documents and view information with the convenience of a smartphone.

Legal Support

SCI provides counselling and support from many of the challenges to operating with an independent contractor model.

SCI Client Portal (Insight)

SCI clients have access to the most powerful fleet management suite in the industry: enrollment, verification for Information, Statistics, Business Intelligence Analytics, and invoicing are all available with the click of a button. Need to find an Owner Operator in a specific market, we can help with that too.


During the enrollment process, we have VIN Number validation to ensure that Owner Operator’s information is accurate before enrollment.


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