Slide AMERICA'S PREMIER 3PA FOR DELIVERY COMPANIES & OWNER OPERATORS Merchants Fleet Learn More New Layer New Layer More Fleet Flexibility. Lease, Rent, and Buy Delivery Vehicles Slide BACK OFFICE SOLUTIONS SCI provides support for Logistics Brokers by alleviating the burden of Owner Operator verification Slide LIGHTSPEED ENROLLMENT SCI partners with Docusign to allow our customers to spend less time dealing with paperwork, and more time on the road Slide CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY We are using Machine Learning to revolutionize the way that our clients enroll Owner Operators.
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SCI is the leading 3PA servicing the logistics industry. The SCI program allows  customers to spend less time worrying about administrative headaches, and more time growing their business.  We are committed to providing our customers with the best technology, programs, and customer support. Schedule a demo to find out why the SCI program is the only comprehensive administrative solution. 

Main Select an option below to learn more Settlement Back SCI takes the hassle out of compensating Owner Operators. Flexible payment options and time tables ensure that your business can continue to run at peak efficiency. Whether its direct deposit or the SCI Paycard, Owner Operators will get paid on time, and most importantly get paid accurately. Spend less time worrying about how to compensate your fleet, and more time growing your business. Occ/Acc Comprehensive Occ/Acc is essential for your business. SCI finds the best coverage available for the best prices, and we pass that savings on to our customers. Back Primary Coverage

No-Pay Contingent Liability

Group Policy

$0 deductible

Non-Occ/Acc benefit
Cargo is your business. Don't go without protection in the event of loss, damage, or spoilage. Starts at $8.00/week

Up to $100k coverage

Just $14 per week

$150k Accidental Medical

Group Policy

$0 deductible
Ensure the Owner Operators helper is protected with the same great coverage offered to the OO.
Testing SCI can provide access to comprehensive background checks at the federal and state level. Back MVRs are available to ensure that Owner Operators are always fit to perform delivery services. SCI offers flexible and convenient drug screening options to meet the needs of your business. Customer Service Get a person every time. It’s really that simple. We don’t outsource our staff because we understand the value of personalized service above everything else. We will never send you to a call center. You will get to know our team members by name. We can personally ensure that your businesses needs are taken care of. No other 3PA in the industry can make that promise to you and your business. Back Legal Support SCI is the only 3PA in the logistics industry that has a fully staffed legal department. We know that when administrative issues arise, our customers need the expertise of a team who understands their business. Back No other 3PA invests as many resources in the defense of the Owner Operator model than SCI. SCI is fighting to ensure that policymakers recognize the importance of Independent Owner Operators in the logistics industry. Your business depends on it. Enrollment SCI has designed its driver and client enrollment processes with speed and efficiency in mind. Enrolling is as easy as sending an email. Owner Operators are on the road and ready for delivery service in 20 mins or less. They can even complete the process on their mobile device. Back If your business can benefit from an on-site enrollment, SCI will be there. We do it because we believe that our customers deserve a personalized experience that won't impact the operations of their business. Doc Verification SCI is the only 3PA that has a document retrieval team dedicated to saving your business time, money, and effort when it comes to ensuring documents are up-to-date. Back SCI verifies and tracks all documents to ensure that each Owner Operator has current and valid License, Insurance, and Registration Information on file. Client Portal The SCI client portal is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. SCI clients have access to the most powerful fleet management suite in the industry featuring: Back The SCI Client Portal gives our customers the flexibility and control they need to simplify the OO enrollment process, all while saving time and effort.
  • Driver Enrollment and Verification
  • Business Analytics
  • Settlement Management
  • Owner Operator Search
  • Enrollment Tracking


Budget offers the same great discounts on commercial vehicles. Use the SCI Commercial Discount number to get discount rates on everything from box trucks to cargo vans.

Deep discounts on vehicle rentals are available for Owner Operators that are contracted with SCI

SCI Rewards offers Owner Operators a money saving program that gives you cash back for your purchases made through the SCI Rewards app.


SCI encourages every Owner Operator to get an EIN/LLC for their business. SCI offers discounts through LegalZoom to make starting your business easier and more affordable.

SCI has partnered with CBDriver to offer a free premium membership for all Owner Operators enrolled with SCI. CBDriver helps OOs grow their delivery businesses by connecting them with logistics brokers who are in need of qualified delivery specialists.

SCI’s Tax Escrow program allows Owner Operators to deduct a percentage or amount from their settlement to help prepare for their taxes. SCI releases funds in accordance with filing deadlines.

Every Owner Operator providing delivery services for an SCI client will receive an annual 1099 MISC and Summary. Owner Operators that have all documents up-to-date in our system will be able to download a digital copy of their forms.


Every Owner Operator receives a free membership to the Independent Haulers Association. IHA Health gives you access to A rated health insurance coverage programs with competitive premiums that can be settlement deducted.

FamilyWize gives members deep discounts on the prescription medications that they use everyday. Every Owner Operator who has an account on has access to their free prescription discount through FamilyWize.


SCI Mobile is designed for Owner Operators to quickly and easily access their valuable information on the go. Everything available on the SCI Driver portal on the desktop is now available in the palm of your hands.

SCI Driver is the portal where Owner Operators can find all of their information at their fingertips. Settlement information, SCI programs, discounts, and profile information are available 24/7.

SCI frequently updates its social media accounts with information that our customers need and want to know. Company news, updates, and industry insights are being posted all the time. So follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the social links at the bottom of the page.

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Donald B.
Owner Operator
Louisville, KY

Johnny on the spot, took care of my issue and got me on with my day. Thanks Anthony!

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Slide Brent Harris Principle Distribution | Vice President "In April of this year, in a joint effort, Principle Distribution and SCI contracted and enrolled over 180 independent contract carriers during a 2 day event that was promoted and advertised out to the general public. This was a company best event that could not have been attained without our partners at SCI and their on-boarding team of specialist. Following this effort, SCI worked side by side with our local management in producing a near flawless 1st settlement with our owner-operator carriers. Their continued follow up and adherence to industry best practices, produces a 5 star desired end result." Slide Scott Moller Hackbarth Delivery Service | CFO "The team at SCI has always delivered great service and support to Hackbarth, which has allowed us to forward that on to our customers."

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