TSA Announces New Five-Year Air Cargo Security Roadmap

In response to the increased demand in air cargo, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a five-year Air Cargo Security Roadmap aimed at improving and standardizing security measures. TSA Known Shippers should be aware of the new roadmap and prepared for changes in TSA regulations. The following is a summary of the Air Cargo Security Roadmap:

Goal 1: Advance enhanced and risk-based screening capabilities

Objective 1: Assess the security value of cargo shipper vetting through the TSA Known Shipper Program

Objective 2: Analyze pre-screening and advance targeting capabilities

Objective 3: Evaluate opportunities to provide all-cargo aircraft operators the capability to use risk data to assist screening in place of physical screening

Goal 2: Expand knowledge and information sharing between TSA and industry

Objective 1: Provide support for industry to enhance air cargo screening training

Objective 2: Accelerate the speed, and improve the consistency and quality of information sharing between TSA and industry

Goal 3: Enhance the air cargo industry’s technology posture to support security enhancing innovation within the supply chain

Objective 1: Continue to update TSA screening technology technical standards and functional requirements in line with evolving security threats and emerging technology

Objective 2: Collaborate with industry and other R&D establishments to promote the advancement of technology in the air cargo marketplace

Goal 4: Modernize air cargo policy

Objective 1: Modernize standard security programs and policy processes

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns regarding this new information. Visit the following link to read the roadmap in full detail: https://www.tsa.gov/news/press/releases/2021/12/09/tsa-publishes-new-roadmap-address-vision-improving-air-cargo

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