The Future of Global Air Freight

The aviation industry experienced widespread disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but new opportunities for air cargo in the global economy were created too. The sudden drop in passenger flights during the pandemic forced the industry to reconfigure to offset the losses of their main source of income. The ability of airlines to adjust and meet the rising demand for efficient transportation throughout the supply chain highlights air cargo haulers as critical players for future global economic growth.

The pandemic is estimated to have hastened e-commerce growth by as many as five years, increasing the amount of goods that need to be transported. By shifting from passenger flights to hybrid models or strictly cargo flights, airlines have been able to weather the decrease in travel. Amid supply chain disruptions, shipping delays caused even more demand. The increase in volume of goods requiring transportation is expected to continue.

Air cargo logistics offers the speed, predictability and visibility that is highly desired and expected in the transportation industry. Coupled with increased demand from the growth of e-commerce, the aviation industry can take advantage of a growing market.

The aviation industry has proven to be critical during the disruptions of the pandemic, redefining the role of air cargo in the supply chain and global economy. The ability to adapt during such a critical moment has placed them on the radar for the future of transportation.

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