Today, SCI LLC, has announced the official release of the new marketing portal. SCIAdmin has been redesigned to be more user friendly and offer our users more information about our services. We have introduced several new components to the new portal that will allow SCI to better communicate and inform our potential customers.
SCI is excited to announce our new blog. We will be using this new platform to post industry news, legal updates, company milestones, and product launches. We also hope that the blog will create a new avenue of conversation with our customers as well as our peers in the industry. will now also include a staff page. For over 2 decades, SCI has put together a team of extremely talented individuals that make our products and services successful today. By recognizing them and their efforts, our customers can put a face to a name.
We have now added a testimonials section for owner operators as well as our clients. We are proud to show that our approval rating is 100% and our response time is an average of 56 seconds on our LiveChat system. We are also pleased to include testimonials from our most valued clients, whose businesses have benefitted from using our services.
Brent Pickerd, Business Development Specialist, writes, “We have built from the ground up to be more dynamic and interactive. The information our current and potential customers need to know is right at their fingertips. We believe that great user experiences start with getting 80% of the most important information in the first 20% of the site. So, we have put our portal links and interactive services menu right at the top. Our current customers can quickly find the SCI portal they are looking for, and our potential customers can quickly review our services and contact us for a demo.”
Peter Fidopiastis, President and General Counsel, writes, “Part of our new mission for 2020 and beyond is to have a more meaningful conversation with our industry and our customers. The new will be the center of this conversation. I look forward to current and potential customers accessing a cleaner and more attractive web presence and interacting with us on our new platforms.”