ADAPT Payroll is officially here

ADAPT is a landmark service for the last-mile delivery industry. The great service and programs offered to support independent contractors will now be offered to employees. ADAPT will save time, money, and effort – allowing our customers to have the flexibility to choose their business-model with the confidence knowing they will have a secure partner to help them achieve success.

ADAPT will handle your HR needs, payroll administration, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, as well as state and federal compliance issues. Like SCI, ADAPT brings its buying powers to get access to affordable programs for drivers.
Peter Fidopiastis, President and General Counsel of ADAPT has issued a statement about the release of this new program.
“This is going to change the way the Last-Mile Industry responds to the ever changing legal and political landscape in any state. SCI can now offer services and support to help any client grow their business regardless of how they want to pursue that growth. SCI continues to be ahead of its competitors in its ability to bring innovative services to the Last-Mile Industry. We are proud to be the first logistics-focused company to offer a comprehensive program that can help any logistics business adapt and be successful.”
SCI knew our customers needed an employee-based option that offers them the same great customer service, support, and technology that we provide to our clients in the independent owner operator space.  ADAPT is the best solution for a changing industry.
ADAPT will be launched in October. If your delivery business needs reliable payroll processing, driver onboarding, insurance programs, benefit programs, and an experienced third-party administrator team for your employee drivers…ADAPT is the most comprehensive solution for your business. Please visit the SCI Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information. SCI thanks its customers for their continued support and patronage and look forward to this exciting new business venture.