SCI Basics: SCI Client Portal

The SCI Client portal is the most powerful management tool for your business combining software, service and technology designed to help you grow and manage your delivery business. Enroll owner operators in a single click, manage enrollments in real time, and view important data about your business all in one location. This custom built program can be tailored to fit the needs of Owner Operators, working with solutions your business already uses. All your necessary documents, from settlement reports to 1099s to compliance documents are available any time through the SCI mobile app and 

SCI’s Client Portal has the tools and flexibility to qualify, recruit and engage Owner Operators and then electronically enroll, maintain profiles and collect documentation in one place. Using our recruiting tool, Find-a-Driver, grants access to a network of available drivers based on your specific needs, including basic demographics, location and vehicle type. 

SCI’s negotiated rate system allows Owner Operators to negotiate rates easier than ever. Data is the most important thing about your business, driving your bottom line and helping you make informed decisions. FleetIQ from SCI helps our clients visualize their data in ways that help their business grow. Use the FleetIQ feature to access data like average settlement, Owner Operator counts or enrollment information in the form of user-friendly charts and graphs. 

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