ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence platform designed to conduct research and provide instruction in response to user questions. This AI platform, once intended to assist society in lessening the burden of mundane tasks, is now being relied on to perform the essential functions of tasks with no oversight. What many are finding is that this seemingly all-knowing technology solution is far from foolproof and still needs someone with the appropriate knowledge and training to review the end product.

Take, for example, Steven Schwartz, an attorney with Levidow, Levidow & Overman, who is facing serious legal repercussions for violating one of the most important tenants of the legal cannon – the duty of candor to the Court. In relying completely on ChatGPT rather than his own legal research and expertise, Schwartz submitted entirely bogus judicial decisions and citations he acquired from ChatGPT on behalf of his plaintiff. Schwartz, like many, was naively “unaware of the possibility that its content could be false”, as he affirmed in an affidavit.

His failure to confirm the essential part of his work – check the authenticity of the sources provided by ChatGPT – speaks to the underlying confidence we have that technology will solve our problems. Confirming the authenticity of documents, research, or any pertinent information that may affect one’s operations is best done by real people, not AI platforms.

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