Increasing Side Hustles

Inflation Causes 4.5 Million Full-Time Workers to Pick Up Part-Time Jobs

As inflation continues outpacing wage gains, additional part-time jobs have become necessary for many full-time workers for the first time in their working lives. Reports show the number of Americans working part-time jobs increasing by 6% each year, rising to 4.5 million people this past October.[i]

Blue-collar and white-collar workers alike are finding a second job necessary in the current economy, with this year seeing an influx of white-collar workers turning to part-time jobs for a supplementary income. In prior years, only one in 100 white-collar professionals was in search of a second job; this year shows one in 30.[ii]

More workers are seen turning to the gig economy for a secondary source of income. Gig work provides the benefit of flexibility, allowing full-time workers to operate as part-time gig workers in a schedule that is designed by them. With the approaching holiday season and the impending 2023 recession, gig work provides much-needed stability as traditional employment alone falls below the demands of an unstable economy.

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