IHA Health: Health Care for Independent Contractors

IHA Health brings affordable health care exclusively designed for Independent Contractors to SCI’s clients and other 1099 groups. If you are an Independent Contractor in good health and want a health plan that has comprehensive coverage, great networks and affordable premiums, then IHA is the place for you. IHA provides you with a competitive choice to the government-run Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare marketplace if you do not qualify for ACA Marketplace subsidies or are not satisfied with their options. 

IHA Health offers Major Medical Insurance (insurance plans that have no maximums or limits put on procedures) and MEC Plus (Minimum Essential coverage + Medical Indemnity). Both options include Ancillary Benefits (Secondary Non-Major Medical plans) like Dental, Vision, Life, Accident and Critical Illness.

If you are an Independent Contractor in reasonably good health who is not happy with ACA Marketplace options, please visit the following link to learn more or enroll: https://ihaenroll.com/

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