Heat Advisory Safety Tips


Dangerous heat is sweeping the nation this week. Heat warnings & advisories have been issued in several states. States like Arizona and Texas are seeing temperature highs up to 114 degrees.


Owner-operators naturally spend a lot of time outdoors and in their vehicles, which is why it is essential to stay hydrated & know the signs of heat exhaustion/stroke.


Call for assistance immediately if you are feeling any of these symptoms, as you may be suffering heat exhaustion/stroke:

profuse sweating, pulsating headache, pale/dry skin, a weak pulse, muscle cramps, feeling dizzy/nauseous, and losing consciousness.


Here are some tips for preventing all heat-related illnesses:

  1. Stay Hydrated
    • Keep multiple water bottles/a small cooler in your vehicle.
    • Eat water-dense fruits like watermelon, blueberries & pineapple.
  1. Protect your Engine
    • Check your engine oil & coolant levels regularly to prevent overheating.
  1. Air Conditioning
    • Start your vehicle 10-15 minutes before needing to leave, run the AC & make sure it is working/antifreeze levels are sufficient.
  1. Bring a Blanket
    • Though this may seem counter-productive, it can be very efficient!
    • Use a light-colored blanket to cover your seat when it is exposed to sunlight and remove it when you return to your vehicle.
    • Seats can be hot if they are exposed to sunlight for extended periods.
  1. Icepacks
    • Bandanas/small cloth + a few ice cubes = Icepack!
    • Use an icepack or a cooling towel at the base/back of your neck.
  1. Use Sunscreen
    • UV rays enter through the windows & windshield.
    • Use at least SPF 30, every two hours.
  1. Take Breaks
    • Stop to move your body at a mall or department store.
    • Take breaks when needed somewhere with AC & a large parking lot.


SCI recognizes and respects the hard work of our owner-operators.

#SCICares about your safety!

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