Google Launches New Tools For Last-Mile Delivery

Google has announced the launch of two new tools that could prove incredibly useful to couriers.  The Last Mile Fleet Solution, an extension of the Google Maps platform, aims to augment every step of the last-mile delivery process. The Routing API, which is part of Google Cloud, centers on route planning for fleets of delivery vehicles to enhance efficiency.

The pandemic propelled an already precarious supply chain with a dramatic increase in ecommerce. As a company that owns the most dominant mapping software on the market, Google’s logical move comes at a crucial moment.

The Last Mile Fleet Solution builds upon a previously featured aspect of Google Maps, the On-demand Rides & Delivery solution, but the Fleet Routing API is an entirely new service. Becoming available in the second quarter, this Google Cloud service will allow users to develop tools for their internal fleet management systems. The system will be able to optimize delivery routes based on several controls such as package weight and vehicle capacity.

Last-mile delivery is estimated to make up over half of total shipping costs. By offering an integrated set of mapping, routing, and analytics, Google is working to make the delivery experience more efficient and effective for drivers and customers alike.

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