Final Mile Cools Down

The logistics industry saw an influx in demand through the pandemic that caused many companies to recruit staff and independent contractors at astounding numbers. A rapid decrease in demand redefines the number of independent contractors needed to make deliveries.

The supply chain experienced an immense demand for goods and overall growth during the pandemic when a lot of other businesses and industries saw a fearful decline. Through shortages and shipping obstacles, the supply chain remained resilient and continued to grow until now.

Nick Bunker, an economic research director for, says supply chain demand is shifting because consumers are spending more on services than they are on goods. The overall Final-Mile delivery industry is accustomed to the holiday “peak season,” but not this year.

“We got ahead of ourselves in terms of headcount, —we certainly did not expect that the market was going to come down as rapidly as it did.”

  • Bob Biesterfeld, Chief Executive of C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.

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