Employee Spotlight: Vicki Hall, Operations Manager

Vicki Hall, Operations Manager at SCI, has dedicated her career to customer service. In her role as Operations Manager, she helps the Customer Service Group (CSRs), owner operators, and logistic broker clients in all day-to-day operations. CSRs process settlement payments and interact daily with SCI’s clients. They also handle onboarding all the new Owner Operators, as well as prepare each client for the payment processing services SCI performs. 

 Before joining SCI in 2000, Vicki worked in customer service for the medical field. Customer service is at the heart of SCI’s business, with dedicated in-house enrollment, compliance, and customer service teams who know clients on a personal basis. Vicki strives to uphold the success of her team, providing the best service for every client who uses SCI. 

 “My favorite part of my job is speaking with the many drivers and clients we have and getting to know them personally, that’s what makes us all feel successful in our work!”

 Outside of the office, Vicki enjoys spending time with family, especially her grandchildren. She helps run a family business and dedicates many hours to local charities and community fundraisers.

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