Employee Spotlight: Dominick Simone, Senior Vice President of Client Services

Dominick Simone, the Senior Vice President of Client Services at SCI LLC, grew up in the logistics industry. Dominick’s family owned a Metro NY/NJ courier company- Securities Courier Corp. (SCC). His career began in the late 1970s as a delivery driver over summer vacation from college. From there he went on to own and run a service station company in downtown Manhattan in the 1980s. 

Dominick became Fleet Administrator of SCC and then served as the Insurance Manager where he guided SCC’s merger with Consolidated Delivery & Logistics (CD&L) and eventual IPO.  With CD&L, Dominick became Vice President- Regional Manager of the Central Atlantic Region. Dominick worked for several other companies in the logistics industry before joining SCI in 2012. His long career in the industry, working on the Logistics Brokers’ side along with Owner Operators, gives him a unique perspective on the challenges each face growing their businesses. Dominick is able to impart years of insight he gained through his experiences to SCI’s customers in his current role as Sr. VP of Customer Relations. 

SCI has always treated its Logistics Brokers and Owner Operators as customers deserving the best customer service. In Dominick’s time with SCI he has visited existing clients, onboarded new clients, attended trade shows, and participated in the overall sales process at every level. In 2015, he relocated to Queensbury, New York to work in SCI’s home office with the Client Services Group, eventually becoming an executive for SCI. 

Dominick manages SCI’s daily operations overseeing the Customer Service Group (CSR’s) and Compliance Team. CSR’s process settlement payments and interacts daily with SCI’s customers. CSR’s also handle onboarding all the new Owner Operators, as well as prepare each customer for the payment processing services SCI performs. 

This past year, Dominick joined the CLDA’s new Industry Leaders Advisory Group where he will represent SCI, working with CLDA’s Executive Committee to provide insight into strategies and opportunities for the industry.

“The best part of the job is to be able to share my experiences in the industry with my team as well as with our clients- Logistics Brokers and Owner Operators- to ultimately help find solutions to solve any issues that arise.”

Outside of the office Dominick enjoys spending time with his family.

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