We realize that a change to your business might need a personal touch, so we are ready and willing to go to your location. Our enrollment team can handle enrollments of all sizes and types. Our mission is to help your operation transition smoothly, and get Owner Operators verified and fit for delivery services.


SCI will always remain ahead of the curve. Our participation in associations at the local and nationwide level help us gain valuable insights about what’s next for the logistics industry. We are here to share that knowledge with our customers. Our leaders have participated in conferences, talks, and summits about the most pressing topics in logistics.


SCI has been making an impact in our local community for over 2 decades. We add new programs every year to help support organizations that are important to our business and our staff.  From sustainable re-forestation to arts programs, we are doing more and more each year to share our success with our community.



Our competitors might believe that a piece of software and a paper trail will be sufficient should the need arise. SCI knows from experience that the best way to serve our customers is to be there every step of the way. There will always be challenges, but feel comfortable knowing that you can utilize SCI’s knowledge and expertise should the need arise


You can’t outsource your business, so we won’t either. Personal service is one of the reasons why our customers ultimately utilize our program. When you call during business hours, a real person picks up the phone every time. Someone who understands your business and your unique needs.


SCI prides itself in adapting to the specific needs of our customer’s business. We know that no two businesses are exactly the same. In order to keep our customers happy, we should be flexible.  The customers that have been with us since Day 1 are still here, and its because we know their business better than anyone else.


SCI’s foundation is built on a group of talented staff that are given opportunities for growth and enrichment.  All of this is at the core of why we are the best 3PA in the industry. SCI’s CTO started here as an intern in 2000. He will be celebrating his 20th year with a company that has facilitated his growth and development. We invest in our employees so that they can provide the best service for your business.