3 Things to consider while looking for a TPA

3 Things to consider when looking for a TPA
What is a TPA?
A third-party administrator (TPA) provides various back-office services to businesses. In the logistics industry specifically, a TPA supports the delivery service provider’s relationship with the shipping broker.  The independent contractor performing deliveries for many brokers can operate more efficiently when a shipping broker outsources the payment processing and administrative tasks to a TPA.
Why should my company use a TPA?
When a third-party administrator (TPA) is asked to perform administrative tasks, the shipping broker gains a partner with additional resources and knowledge to improve its operation.   In addition to processing payments, a highly regarded TPA should provide access to additional insurances programs and retail discounts for the benefit of each delivery service provider.
Which TPA should my company use?
The important things to consider when choosing a TPA are the resources the TPA has available to support your business and the independent delivery service provider.   Not all TPAs can provide truly beneficial programs for owner operators and their businesses. A TPA, like SCI, uses its buying power to ensure each program is the most cost-effective and secure program available on the market.  SCI long service to this industry, the most experienced and knowledgeable staff all set SCI apart from any TPA.
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